To view PublicReading (II) 360* VR Experience, please visit the FourbyFour page on the XR:WA Website

An initiative of the Library Challenge from The School

PublicReading is the first stage development of a new work that examines the peculiarities of people that use the Bibliotheek Hasselt Limburg. Developed from an anonymous observation and documentation of the library users over a one month period, this new site-specific performance imagines into the personal narratives that cross this private/public space.

Walking the line between fact and fiction, private and public, PublicReading  moves between these intimate glimpses into the people within our libraries and the stories they have to tell.

Drawing together the research that brought this performance to life, designer Chantalle Werts brought together the drawings and text into a new publication that is now housed in the BHL library.

PublicReading premiered May 4 at 5pm, Bibliotheek Hasselt Limburg


Developed as a project from The School, an artist residency in Hasselt, Belgium

Created, written and performed by: Serena Chalker
Publication and design: Chantalle Werts
Additional music: Wannes Cuypers, Pepijn Leenders
Translation: Iris van der Heijden
Supported by: The School, Bibliotheek Hasselt Limburg, Dear Hunter, Culture and the Arts WA, Australian Cultural Fund, Ars Music Australis