Performance Works


Synopsis “a landscape built, and rebuilt, piling one to the other each place is a location for change” every/nowhere exists in the in-between spaces – between here and elsewhere, past and present. This performance is an immersive experience for an intimate audience of 10, who are guided into the space one at a time, at … Continue reading every/nowhere

Spontaneous Library Party

An Initiative of The School Library Challenge How do we counter the notion that the public spaces of Hasselt, particularly the Library area as an entrance to the city is perceived to be uninviting, or unwelcoming? On Thursday 25 January, to draw attention to the Library, and to create a sense of occasion to this … Continue reading Spontaneous Library Party


To view PublicReading (II) 360* VR Experience, please visit the FourbyFour page on the XR:WA Website An initiative of the Library Challenge from The School PublicReading is the first stage development of a new work that examines the peculiarities of people that use the Bibliotheek Hasselt Limburg. Developed from an anonymous observation and documentation of … Continue reading PublicReading

From The Outside, In

From the Outside, In is a multi-site international performance research project. From the Outside, In examines how foreign spaces become familiar and how the nomadic body navigates this process of inhabitation. 12 years ago, theorist Miwon Kwon posed that mobile site-specific artists are in danger of places they inhabit becoming an “undifferentiated serialization, one place … Continue reading From The Outside, In


Collaboration with Australian writer Grace Finlayson, to produce a performance in 3 parts exploring ideas around temporary homes and life in transit through a cross-disciplinary dialogue across states, borders, and time zones at Launch All of The Words writers fair. Performance History: May 22 2015 Noted Festival (AU) Text transcripts: Part 1 Part 2 Part … Continue reading Transitory

The Remembrance of Leaves

  Improvisational performance, playing on an audience’s inherent desire to create meaning in art. Each audience member is given a different synopsis for the work, and are thus left to draw their own conclusions. Performance History: 30 May-2nd June 2013 Short Cuts, King Street Arts Centre, Perth (WA) “.…[a] stand out performance” (The West Australian, … Continue reading The Remembrance of Leaves

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