Feel free to make yourself a cup of tea

Part 3 of (the room waits for your next move)

Reflection space, tea selection, post-it note responses, photographs, text


(Written text from handout)


The path within, in relation to what is already there

changing course,

to find a new arrival.


Discovering the present, reimagined in the now

as if for the first time

(unpacking pathways written into the space to the point where you lose interest)


An echo that keeps you surprised in its landings

beyond the boundaries of the imagination


We navigate these misdirections

to grow anew.

Weave, where the materiality transforms

unlearning all you held on to.


The imminent departures of future pathways stealing time from the present.


You are somewhere else, standing in the same spot

as the shell left behind collapses in on itself.


Out of the crevices,

a transference of energy beyond the physical cage of the body

free to grow in all directions.