From The Outside, In

From the Outside, In is a multi-site international performance research project. From the Outside, In examines how foreign spaces become familiar and how the nomadic body navigates this process of inhabitation. 12 years ago, theorist Miwon Kwon posed that mobile site-specific artists are in danger of places they inhabit becoming an “undifferentiated serialization, one place after another”. This project explores how working “one place after another” can be reformulated as a productive encounter with displacement. On a broader scale, how do site-specific artists address the need for mobility to sustain a career, and personally, how do I find myself ‘sited’ in a place of unfamiliarity? This project examining the relationship between body, viewer and the site reflecting how I engage with the site of residence over a period of time, blurring the borders between art and life. By examining this question in different locations, From the Outside, In questions what it is to create genuine engagement with a site, and how the process of inhabitation changes over time, and from site-to-site.

This project would not be possible without the support of the Government of Western Australia, Department of Culture and the Arts and the Kone Foundation (Finland)

Four Studies of Ruse

The first chapter of research of From the Outside, In was undertaken at the 25th Anniversary Process – Space Art Festival in Ruse, Bulgaria. Serena was one of 25 alumni artists from the last 25 years joined with 25 new artists. Serena undertook collaboration with Maia Iotzova, exploring parallel notions of foreignness from the perspective … Continue reading Four Studies of Ruse

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