Snapshots from the Periphery

From July 14-22 2017 Serena participated in the first Water Tower Art Residency presenting a triptych of three new works at Хладилно Депо Подуене (Refridgeration Depot Poduene, home of BDZ Cargo), a train repair depot that has fallen into disuse, and is taken care of by the few workers who are still there. These site-specific works that cross performance, installation and sound, examine the possibilities of re-inhabiting and re-imagining the history of the depot, connecting with the humanness within the building. These works highlight the invisible labour of the worker who kept the place running, and transient nature of our connection to place. In these spaces that have decayed or been re-purposed, these works re-live the memories that echo within the walls of the building.

Water Tower Art Fest from Serena on Vimeo.


Uneven Iterations of Temporality

Immersive audio experience (4.18 –  English and Bulgarian Text) Bulgarian Translation created and read by Elena Radeva Download the full bilingual text here Copyright – Serena Chalker 2017