From the Outside In (the room waits for your next move) Saaren Kartano

In November/December 2016 Serena travelled to Mynämäki, Finland to undertake Chapter 2 of From The Outside, In. She was awarded a  Saari Residency by the Kone Foundation. In 2016 there were 378 applications from 39 countries. For more information of the From the Outside, In project please visit here

 From the Outside, In (the room waits for your next move) explores how a nomadic body navigates the process of inhabitation in places of “foreignness”. Situated nomadism is a phenomenological interaction between objects, people and spaces in real time. (the room waits for your next move) was developed through living and working within the residency accommodation for the duration of the fellowship, applying the attention and rigour of a physical improvisation practice to the written word, in dialogue with site. This chapter examines the changing dynamics of the site, and the interaction of time and space questioning where the line between art and life begins and ends.

Excerpts from the three parts of the installation can be viewed by following the links below.

Performance History:

(The room waits for your next move) Interactive performative installation in for 1 audience member at a time, Apartment 5, Saaren Kartano, Mynamaki (FI)

I have found myself (here, again) listening to the gaps in the floorboards, 3 part live improvisation Barker Teatteri, Turku (FI)

Supported by: Kone Foundation, Department of Culture and the Arts


The room waits for your next move

Part 1 of (the room waits for your next move), presented in Apartment 5, Saaren Kartano. Some photographs of the score for exploration installed in the apartment Photographs, Post-it notes, soundscape (22.5 mins)   For Part 2 of the installation click HERE

The pull of distance

Part 2 of (the room waits for your next move) installation Photographs, post- it notes and audio track (3.40 mins)   For Part 3 of the installation click HERE