Four Studies of Ruse

Developed in collaboration with Bulgarian/Canadian filmmaker Maia Iotzova, From the Outside, In (four studies of Ruse) explores parallel notions of foreignness from the perspective of the outsider and the expat. A multi-disciplinary exploration of the dualities that can exist within one body, producing experimental cartographies that map the foreign and the familiar

Exhibition History:

Study 1 and 2 : 25th Anniversary Process Space Art Festival, Canetti House, Ruse (BG)

Study 3: Process Space Art Festival, Gallery of the Union of Ruse Artists, Ruse

10th Anniversary Water Tower Art Fest, Cinema House, Sofia (BG)

Process Space Art “Safety Pin” and Video Retrospective, Gallery of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia

20th Anniversary Sofia Underground International Performance Art Festival, Sofia

 Moving Bodies Video Dance Platform, Varna (BG)

Supported by:

Department of Culture and the Arts, Canada Arts Council, Process Space Art Festival

Study of Ruse #1

Watercolour map   Copyright – Serena Chalker and Maia Iotzova 2016

Study of Ruse #3

Video dance Direction, Editing: Maia Iotzova Choreography, Performance: Serena Chalker (excerpt)