Through a glass, darkly (Beverst)

In 2017 the most popular passenger car in Belgium was the Volkswagen Golf. Driving his car from Hasselt to Maastricht uses approximately 2.67L of fuel per trip (based on fuel consumption of 29mpg in mixed city and country usage), or 1281.6L of diesel per year (based on 5 commuter return trips per week, 48 weeks of the year). Whilst diesel was sold as being a more “environmentally friendly” alternative to petrol, it releases more toxic nitric oxide and fine particulate matter than petrol, and is a major contributor to poor air quality, heart and lung disease. It is not, in fact the “environmentally friendly” alternative that the car companies have convinced us it is. Additionally, these emissions are absorbed by the surrounding natural environment,

If we really value the green spaces in the surrounding country between Hasselt and Maastricht, how do our current choices reflect who we are, and how we contribute to the the world around us?

Materials: Tempered glass and tempered reflective glass, motor oil, organic matter. Glass produced by Lerobel NV, Hasselt.