The Mapping Project

mapping promo

Photo by Emma Fishwick

Developed in collaboration with Emma Fishwick, The Mapping Project is a residency developing a participatory performance/installation exploring how people experience and remember spaces.

From 1-21st December 2014, Serena Chalker and Emma Fishwick will be in residence at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts in their performance space, with showings of this work on December 16 and 20.

‘How do people navigate space? How does an individual imagine or remember a particular place or space? The Mapping Project, is a creative investigation designed to engage with new audiences and new environments. Within this project we aim to build a data base comprised of the memory and experience of individuals. We are interested in exploring how relationships with spaces are woven in our memories and identities and how a single space can be experienced differently. Whilst this is not a dance installation we are concerned with the energetic and physical echoes of spaces. This is a starting point for what we envision to be an ongoing, multi-platform investigation.’

This project has been made possible through the support of the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts through their artist residency program, and the Department of Culture and the Arts, Young People and the Arts Program.

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