Spartacus x The School

An Initiative of The School

Belgian Bus Company De Lijn challenged the residents of The School to create a new and compellig experience around the first phase of the Spartacus project. The first phase of the Spartacus plan is the express tram connection between Hasselt and Maastricht, with intermediate stops in Diepenbeek, Bilzen and Lanaken.

Residents of The School created an installation and publication during the stakeholders event April 19 at the Univeristy of Hasselt. The School translates the Spartacus identity into an intercultural identity, responding to each of the 12 stops of the Spartacus tram with alternative ways of visualising the impact of the tram in Flanders.

You can read more about the project here


Glow Worm (Eigenbilzen)

Like the vein of a leaf permeable light penetrating, inching its way towards its destination the journey a snapshot captured moving in harmony as your find yourself in a place of release a place to escape to or from breathing with the landscape