The School

From January 4-May 13 Serena will be in residence at The School in Hasselt, Belgium. The school is a post-academic and ongoing multidisciplinary festival, residence and happy city experiment. The School is a new post-academic residency where artists and designers work together on a common challenge: how we can, together with the neighbourhood, shape a … Continue reading The School

Snapshots from the Periphery

From July 14-22 2017 Serena participated in the first Water Tower Art Residency presenting a triptych of three new works at Хладилно Депо Подуене (Refridgeration Depot Poduene, home of BDZ Cargo), a train repair depot that has fallen into disuse, and is taken care of by the few workers who are still there. These site-specific works … Continue reading Snapshots from the Periphery

From the Outside, In

From the Outside, In is a multi-site international performance research project. From the Outside, In examines how foreign spaces become familiar and how the nomadic body navigates this process of inhabitation. 12 years ago, theorist Miwon Kwon posed that mobile site-specific artists are in danger of places they inhabit becoming an “undifferentiated serialization, one place … Continue reading From the Outside, In

The Mapping Project

Developed in collaboration with Emma Fishwick, The Mapping Project is a residency developing a participatory performance/installation exploring how people experience and remember spaces. From 1-21st December 2014, Serena Chalker and Emma Fishwick will be in residence at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts in their performance space, with showings of this work on December 16 … Continue reading The Mapping Project