From the Outside, In (Changescapes)

The third exploration in the From the Outside, In series, Changescapes explores the notion of perception, adaption, transition and navigation within an unfamiliar place.

A changescape is a system – dynamic, tendency-governed, ever reactive… a vulnerable but sustainable place with practical poetics suffusing it…. [Changescapes can be used] to speculate about possibilities in a world of uncertainty, to contemplate dynamics, to be within complexity more knowingly”

Ross Gibson

Exploring and navigating the borders between self and environment, interactivity, change and transition, this work proposes how we effect change on our environment, and how that environment effects change within us – how we have to be within a system in order to understand it. The audience was invited into an open space, where they were free to move around and “be in” as they wished. The performance score was derived from imaginative systems of reading information from the environment in order to navigate it, embedded within an immersive soundscape derived from field recordings from the surrounding environment.

The development of Changescapes has been supported through two residencies, through Ausdance WA/Leederville YMCA HQ and Seoul Dance Centre.

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Workshop – Toolkit for Urban Exploration (Seoul Dance Centre)