The School

From January 4-May 13 Serena will be in residence at The School in Hasselt, Belgium. The school is a post-academic and ongoing multidisciplinary festival, residence and happy city experiment.

The School is a new post-academic residency where artists and designers work together on a common challenge: how we can, together with the neighbourhood, shape a more liveable city. This innovative project brings together a diverse array of 16 selected international artists, musicians, and designers, with a team of “coaches” and leaders to develop new approaches to “re-thinking the city”.

Follow the development of The School here.

You can donate to Serena’s crowdfunding campaign at the Australian Cultural Fund – donations are tax deductible and open until February 4. Your donation will support living and production expenses over the duration of this residency.

Thanks to the current donors: Bianca Martin, Melissa Tooke, Emiko Watanabe, Emma Fishwick, Nerida Dickinson, Sze Chan, Isabella Stone, Emma Jack, Lenore Robertson, Jarrad Seng, Ash Berry, Aimee Smith, Marina Harvey, Australian Dance Party (Alison Plevey) and Kat Back and Jasper Cook.

This project is supported by The School, Culture and the Arts WA and Ausdance WA.